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Airport has not proven to be a good neighbor
November 24, 2004

My family and I have lived near the OSU airport facilities for seven years now, and for years, I have had some growing concerns about this proximity to the airport. During this time, we have watched the airport traffic grow manifold to accommodate even more jet traffic.

Not only has the noise-level gotten much worse, but with the increase in the frequency of flights, we also worry about the increased risk of crashes that comes simply from having more air traffic. The recent crash in Delaware county shows this is a real and legitimate concern.

In March 2003, I wrote a letter to the airport to voice my concerns and complain about the increased noise. When that wasn't answered, I wrote a second letter, as well as leaving phone messages that I was promised would be returned.

To this date, the airport has never contacted me about any of my complaints. I finally even wrote the FAA, only to be told to contact the airport.

Discouraged, I gave up.

Now we find that the airport wants to expand! Back in 2003 reading the airport's Web site one could clearly see they wanted more business (including small jets), and one can only believe this expansion is for even greater business.

I do not think the airport should be allowed to expand when they have already show an unwillingness to acknowledge and fix the current problems, and be a good response "neighbor."

To us this simply seems like a way to help a few businesses while causing sleepless nights and days for everyone else who must live with the noise and increased risks.

Nima Shafaieh

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