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woose.org: News - Highlights from the Thursday, December 14 2006 OSU Airport Advisory Board.

Highlights from the Thursday, December 14 2006 OSU Airport Advisory Board.
Posted Mon Dec 18, 2006 9:45 pm EST

OSU has begun the process of an FAA Part 150 study. This is a two part study that (1) looks at the
cause of noise and (2) looks for solutions. OSU has hired the legal firm Hogan and Hartson to help
ensure the study is accurate and complete. We are very pleased to hear this. Their website is

Although this time line is very tentative, the actually study process is anticipated to begin in
July of 2007. This will include public workshops and meetings. The study process will take 12 months
to complete, at the end of which the public can comment. The study will take another 6 months for
FAA review, with the process tentatively anticipated to end December 2008.

Someone from Hogan and Hartson is schedule to attend the February 8, 2006 Airport Advisory Board
meting to talk about the Part 150 study process.

An update on the work of Sound Initiative was provided. Sound Initiative's goal is to ban all Stage
2 aircraft at nationwide (with a few exceptions). Stage 2 aircraft are among the nosiest still in
operation. Both WOOSE and OSU are members of this organization. We hope to provide additional
information in January.

OSU's AirScene system is operational. This is the system to help airport staff pinpoint the aircraft
which resulted in a complaint and to compile data about the nature of the noise problem. Our hope is
this data will be used to help identify the causes of the most significant noise problems and lead
to solutions.

OSU's WebScene system is in testing. This is the system that will allow complaints to be entered
directly to OSU much like WOOSE's system. It also provides near-real-time display of aircraft
activity around the airport. This is a nice feature that will allow you to see what that aircraft
was that just flew over-head and where it was flying. It is unknown when the WebScene system will
come on-line.

In October, and again this month, airport staff provided a report on the complaints they have
received. They have decided to omit complaints submitted through the WOOSE system and reported only
on complaints that were submitted directly to the airport.

WOOSE has several concerns with the contents of both reports. We also have concerns with records
that were not provided in response to our public records requests to make an analysis of the OSU

Links to the OSU reports and our concerns are below.

October 2006 OSU Airport Complaint/Inquiry Report:

October 2006 WOOSE Comments:

December 2006 OSU Airport Complaint/Inquiry Report:

December 2006 WOOSE Comments:

Past documents from the OSU Airport Advisory and Noise Committee meetings are available at the
airport website at http://osuairport.org/community/AAB/default.aspx . We anticipate the handouts
from this month's meeting will be posted soon.

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