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WOOSE Disables Complaint System / Upcoming Meetings
Posted Fri Feb 2, 2007 2:17 pm EST

As of February 1, 2007 WOOSE has disabled their Aircraft Complaint
System. For details on why we have taken this step, how to send
your complaints to OSU, and our recommended procedures, please see


For those who have submitted complaints in the past, we will be
sending you instructions on how to access your old complaints via
email and/or postal mail. We recommend that you forward any complaints
you have made in the last 30 days on to OSU for their analysis and

We also encourage everyone to continue your complaints with the OSU
system. If a flight truly bothers you, analysis and corrective action
can only be taken if OSU knows about it.

Also, we are encouraging everyone who can to try and attend at least
one of these upcoming meetings:

Worthington City Council: Update by Scott Whitlock on Airport
Monday, February 5, 7:30 PM
Worthington Municipal Building, 6550 N High Street

OSU Airport Advisory Board Meeting
Thursday, February 8, 7:00 PM
Meadow Park Church at 2425 Bethel Road, Columbus

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