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woose.org: News - From Worthington's Neighborhood Information Network - Concerning OSU Airport complaint systems

From Worthington's Neighborhood Information Network - Concerning OSU Airport complaint systems
Posted Wed Feb 14, 2007 4:57 pm EST

The following message was recently sent by the City of Worthington to several community members via
its Worthington's Neighborhood Information Network. Those within the city of Worthington should be
particularly interested in its contents.

# # #

For more than three years first The City of Worthington and then the citizens' group known as WOOSE
have collected complaints regarding airplanes landing and taking off from The Ohio State University
Airport. There have been more than 28,000 complaints collected primarily about airplane noise.
These complaints are very valuable in showing patterns and frequent problems. Now that The OSU
Airport has introduced its internet based system WOOSE has shut down its system for collecting

There are three ways in which noise and other complaints can be communicated to The OSU Airport: by
telephone to (614) 292-9055; by e-mail to noise@osuairport.org; or by visiting the Airport's website
and clicking on the links to the noise complaint system. Unfortunately a number of Worthington
residents have had difficulty using the Airport's website. Accordingly, Scott Whitlock, the
representative to The OSU Airport Advisory Board appointed by the Worthington City Council, is
recommending that Worthington residents use the telephone or e-mail to report occasions on which
they are bothered by airplane noise or other problems relating to The OSU Airport. If you have
problems reporting complaints, you may send him an e-mail at whitlsc@aol.com. He will be continuing
to seek to have the Airport make improvements in its website.

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