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woose.org: News - Feb. '07 Update on Stage 2 jet legislation

Feb. '07 Update on Stage 2 jet legislation
Posted Mon Feb 26, 2007 7:08 pm EST

February 26, 2007

To Members and Friends of Sound Initiative:

I¯m writing to provide you with an update on Sound Initiative¯s efforts and to ask for your
continued support and action.

I¯m pleased to report that we¯re on the verge of making major progress in this new session of
Congress. In the coming weeks, we look forward to meeting with several key congressional leaders
that we hope will ultimately help bring relief to thousands of people living near dozens of airports

Last year, at the close of the 109th Congress, Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) introduced
legislation that supported Sound Initiative¯s goal of phasing out aircraft weighing 75,000 pounds or
less that were exempt from the Airport Noise and Capacity Act of 1990 or allowing them to retrofit
to meet Stage 3 standards. Although his legislation, S.4109, the ¯Aircraft Noise Reduction Act of
2006,¯ died when Congress adjourned, it helped set the stage for further consideration during the
current session.

Here¯s where we stand:

1. Senator Lautenberg will reintroduce his legislation¯if Sound Initiative can bring bi-partisan
support to the table in the form of Republican co-sponsorship. Adding majority party support
couldn¯t hurt, either (so please continue to encourage such support and co-sponsorship). But
Senator Lautenberg has maintained that he prefers that his initiative receive support from both
sides of the aisle.
2. On the House side, discussions with committee staff will lead to a meeting with the Chairman of
the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Representative James Oberstar (D-MN). We
also expect to meet with Representative John Mica (R-FL), the ranking Republican member on the
committee and Jerry Costello (D-IL), Chairman of the Aviation Subcommittee. A meeting is also being
sought with the ranking Republican member Thomas Petri (R-WI)
3. The House Aviation Subcommittee will begin hearings in March on the Federal Aviation
Administration and the FAA Reauthorization. Sound Initiative has been invited to testify at one of
the scheduled hearings.

The coming weeks represent an important opportunity. We need you to reach out to your own
congressional representatives to tell them about the importance of this issue. As Sound Initiative
has stated from the beginning, our effort isn¯t a panacea to aircraft noise, but it is an important
step on which airports and their neighbors can agree to work on together.

What you can do:

First, please review the list of House Subcommittee on Aviation members to see if your
representative, or a member of your state¯s congressional delegation, serves on the subcommittee
(the list can be found at http://transportation.house.gov/about). Let them know that the time has
come for Congress to consider phasing out older, noisier, less-efficient aircraft in the interest of
improving the environment for airport neighbors. Here¯s an important tip¯US mail can take weeks to
make it to a U.S. Representative¯s office. Contact the office to learn who manages transportation
and aviation issues for the congressperson and e-mail or fax the letter directly.

Second, help us identify a Senate Republican willing to co-sponsor legislation with Senator
Lautenberg. Airports and others have already weighed-in with their Senators¯Nevada, North Carolina,
Florida and Ohio to name a few. But we have yet to get a commitment in those or any other states.
Your help on this effort is much needed.

Third, because word-of-mouth and publicity has been so important to this grassroots effort, don¯t
hesitate to let the local news media know of your support for Sound Initiative¯s goal of phasing out
Stage 1 and 2 aircraft weighing 75,000 pounds or less. ¯All politics is local¯ and the greater the
number of voices in your area who echo your views on this issue, the better.

Sound Initiative has made terrific progress because people¯airport operators, their host communities
and their neighbors¯are committed to work together on this issue. We hope we can count on continued
support during this critical period.

Best regards,

John Lindemann
Campaign Coordinator

Sent via the WebMail system at mail.soundinitiative.org

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