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WOOSE elects officers- Bulletin in local libraries
Posted Wed Apr 18, 2007 1:09 pm EDT

Elected during the April WOOSE meeting
President: John O'Keeffe
Vice President: Jane Weislogel
Treasurer: John Hauseisen

WOOSE News Bulletin is now available in the community news area of the OWL and NW Libraries. Next
month the bulletin will examine a new topic and expand availability to the Dublin and Whetstone

Two DeSales High School students attended the April WOOSE meeting as part of their Government class
project. People may not know WOOSE has, over the last 4 years, worked with many students ranging in
age from middle schoolers to grad students. Our experiences have run the gamut from providing
opportunities for community service to discussions and presentations concerning conflict management.
WOOSE has helped students learn and in turn WOOSE has also learned from these experiences. WOOSE has
enjoyed these opportunities to share our experiences with the public and we request you keep us in
mind if you know of students, young or old, who are interested in the work we do.

WOOSE was recently asked to meet and speak with a local civic association. We welcome these
opportunities and have volunteers available for both daytime and evening presentations. If your
group is interested in a WOOSE speaker please contact us at info@woose.org

Please continue to submit complaints about problematic aircraft to OSU at noise@osuairport.org and
cc that complaint to us at noise@woose.org

Thank you for your continued interest and support!

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