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woose.org: News - Highlights of the initial meeting of OSU Airport Part 150 committee

Highlights of the initial meeting of OSU Airport Part 150 committee
Posted Fri Sep 21, 2007 7:44 pm EDT

Sept. 19, 2007 Initial meeting of OSU Airport Part 150 Committee
WOOSE Vice president, Jane Weislogel attended as WOOSE representative.

Meeting highlights:

1) A website will be set up to inform the public of the Part 150 process.
Address yet to be announced but should be up within 1 week. The website is to include a summary of
the 1st meeting. It will includethe meeting¯s PowerPoint presentation.

2) A newsletter is also planned.

3) Role and Responsibilities of residents was explained as ¯to provide input regarding noise
concerns and strive to understand procedures that can and cannot be taken to minimize the effect of
aircraft noise. Specifically mentioned were residents submitting complaints as well as feedback to
OSU airport- ¯what¯s happening¯ Complaints can be sent to noise@osuairport.org and please consider
including WOOSE on the send at noise@woose.org

4) Part 150 will be documenting current and future noise levels. Specifically, 12 noise monitors
will be placed at different (and changing) locations within the greater OSU airport communities for
7 days and will include OSU homecoming weekend (October 17, 18, 19th) 4 monitors will be remain in
a location for up to 7 days while the other 8 will be moved to different locations for a 24 hour
period. If you are interested in volunteering your location for consideration of a noise monitor
please reply to this email immediately. WOOSE will pass your name and location on to the consultant
for consideration. It is critical the public understand the noise monitoring will not be used in
the noise modeling ¯ one representative summed it us as ¯noise monitoring keeps the community
occupied.¯ It may, however, be eventually compared to the model.

5) Worthington representative Attorney David Zoll, while seeking information to build confidence in
the process, asked for qualifications and resumes of the consultants, specifically those who will
run the newly approved version of the integrated noise model (INM) -INM 7.0 model program. Zoll
requested the committee have the opportunity to review the INM inputs prior to running the model to
insure fleet mix and flight paths are correct even during the hours OSU tower is closed as well as
departures to the east for the 050 turn and the 3,000 ft ceiling.

6) WOOSE representative requested that night time operations be verified, specifically the
¯unknowns¯ to ensure accurate night operation numbers, fleet mix and flight paths.
It was suggested a person remain overnight at the airport to ensure accuracy.

7) A public workshop will be held one evening in Jan. or Feb. 2008 from 7-9 pm for the public to
review the Noise Exposure Maps (NEM). The consultant promised there would be adequate notice. The
2nd meeting of the Part 150 Committee will be held in the afternoon prior to the public workshop.
WOOSE representative requested the meeting be held during the evening when the working public was
able to attend. The meeting will most likely be scheduled from 2-4 pm. It was suggested those
members of the public interested in attending the meeting could arrange to leave work early to
attend the meeting.

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