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woose.org: News - Highlight of the September 2007 OSU Airport Advisory meeting

Highlight of the September 2007 OSU Airport Advisory meeting
Posted Fri Sep 21, 2007 7:45 pm EDT

Sept. 19, 2007 OSU Airport Advisory Committee
Kimberly Nixon- Bell attended as WOOSE representative

Meeting highlights:

1) A discussion concerning the completeness and accuracy of the Feb 2007 meeting minutes resulted
in approval of the minutes once Ms. Ferrari completes a third rewrite to include the discussion of
¯unknown¯ night flights and aircraft operating at night at OSU with transponders off.

2) A final report from the Historic Data Subcommittee (review of selected complaint collected by
Worthington with radar records) was submitted to Ms. Ferrari for distribution at the next meeting of
the Advisory Committee

2) The Advisory Committee will continue to meet to address issues outside the Part 150 study items
other than noise. The meetings will be called every 2 months or quarterly.

3) A complaint summary for July 2007 was included in the packet but not discussed. OSU reported
6,589 aircraft operations for the month of which 534 were jets, 309 were night and 8 were Stage 2
jets. The summary lists 343 complaint submissions of which 45.8% (157) were received, recorded and
researched. The remaining 52% (186) were received and recorded but not researched.

4) OSU airport wishes to purchase the Ohio National Guard Hangar for $2.8 million. OSU is seeking
FAA funding (95%) to purchase the land while OSU will pay for the facility with bonds. This will
be an agenda item for OSU Board of Trustee at the
Sept 21st meeting. OSU Airport plans to include a long term lease with Medflight. Mentioned was a
10 year lease with 2-5 year extension as one of the scenarios. Medflight¯s current ¯through the
fence¯ operations do not support the airport financially. The FAA has indicated this should be

6) OSU Airport plans to close the South Runway following the Memorial Tournament for repaving in
2008. The runway will not be used for approximately 60 days. Airport Director, Doug Hammon,
indicated some aircraft will relocate to other airport during this time period while others will
remain with traffic shifted to the North Runway. It was requested OSU provide the committee and the
community with a plan outlining the project and associated impacts of the repaving as well as the
resulting changes in runway, flight track and fleet mix as soon as possible.

7) The next meeting of the Advisory Committee was not determined prior to adjournment.

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