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woose.org: News - OSU Airport Part 150 Study website launched

OSU Airport Part 150 Study website launched
Posted Wed Oct 17, 2007 11:16 pm EDT

The OSU Airport Noise and Land Use Compatibility Study web site, www.osuairportpart150.com, was
launched 10/15/07. The site provides a study overview, answers an initial list of frequently asked
questions, and has all the materials and a summary of the kick-off Part 150 Committee meeting held
in September (click on the ¯public meetings¯ link on the left, then click on ¯previous meetings¯).
The date for the next Part 150 Committee meeting and public meeting, we will be posted on the site.
Additionally, there is a ¯Contact Us¯ link that allows the public to make comments or ask questions
at any time during the study.

Please feel free to forward this web site information to others who may be interested.

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