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woose.org: News - WOOSE submits Part 150 Questions to OSU Consultants before the 5/24 deadline

WOOSE submits Part 150 Questions to OSU Consultants before the 5/24 deadline
Posted Sat May 24, 2008 3:11 pm EDT

The WOOSE Part 150 questions are available at
or can be found in the Document section on the WOOSE website.

The cover letter follows:

May 22, 2008

RS&H and ESA Consultants:

Following the April 24, 2008 Part 150 Committee meeting and the public open house, members of WOOSE
and the residents of communities surrounding the airport have many unanswered questions and
concerns. The public open house provided visuals as well as a lengthy presentation by the
with limited time for public questions -15 minutes. As a result, WOOSE has been contacted by
residents with questions and concerns that were not addressed at the meeting or by the materials
posted online.
Therefore, attached are questions WOOSE is submitting concerning The Ohio State University Airport
Part 150 Study that have been gathered from community meetings, emails, phone calls and personal
conversations with residents of communities surrounding OSU Airport.

The residents have expressed appreciation for WOOSE's representation and due diligence on the Part
150 Committee and Technical Advisory Committee. WOOSE and residents continue to review and analyze
the available data to ensure the inputs, the INM and the Noise Contour Maps are accurate. They live
with the current noise problems, as can be verified by the number of noise complaints, and face the
consequences of an airport expansion. WOOSE and residents want this Part 150 Study to be fully
documented and analyzed to ensure its accuracy.

We all look forward to a prompt response to the questions attached and request the questions, the
consultants' answers, and the underlying data used for the study be available for public review at
the OSU Part 150 website as soon as possible and prior the next Part 150 Advisory meeting.

As the Part 150 process moves forward, WOOSE requests all Advisory meeting documents and information
be provided to the committee members at least 7 working days prior to the meeting to enable
committee members to "do their homework" and be fully educated participants in the
presentations and discussions.

Sincerely yours,

Jane Weislogel, Vice President, WOOSE
WOOSE Members and Residents

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