WOOSE sent letter to the editor of the Columbus Dispatch on July 29, 2008 as a follow up to the Dispatch editorial of July 28, 2008.
Posted Mon Aug 11, 2008 3:43 pm UTC

WOOSE Subscribers,

WOOSE sent the following letter to the editor of the Columbus Dispatch on July 29, 2008 as a follow
up to the Dispatch editorial of July 28, 2008.

WOOSE has patiently waited two weeks for the letter to be either printed or posted by the Dispatch
as a web-only letter.

It appears the Dispatch is not interested in providing facts about the night operations at OSU
Airport, protecting the investment in Port Columbus International Airport or the experience of
residents who are directly impacted by OSU aircraft operations.

Subject: Letter to the Columbus Dispatch emailed 7/29/08.....

Dear Editor,

Your editorial on The Ohio State University Airport (July 28, 2008) misses the entire point of the
opposition to the Airport's expansion plans. You equate opposition to a runway extension with
closing the Airport, something the opponents have never advocated.

In fact, the proposed extension of the north runway to 6,000 feet will serve only a few big
corporate jets, allowing them to carry more fuel on take-off so they can fly further non-stop.
Those jets are better served by Port Columbus. Its runways are longer; it has two private firms
competing to serve the corporate jets (instead of a tax exempt university); and it will be safer for
both take-offs and landings even if the OSU runway is extended.

Right now Port Columbus is making drastic budget cuts as its air traffic slows. [Dispatch, July 27,
2008] Given the enormous public investment in Port Columbus, wouldn't it be better aviation planning
to put the heavy corporate jets where they belong - on a ten thousand foot runway, not a six
thousand foot one? Wouldn't it be better to protect the public investment in Port Columbus rather
than spend tens of millions on a runway that will be redundant to the runways at both Port Columbus
and Rickenbacker?

Further, you got your facts wrong. You claim that Airport officials and customers have been
reducing night flights. In fact every one of the official monthly reports on noise complaints which
OSU has published thus far this year shows a significant increase in night flights from a year ago.
The recent report OSU has published shows a whopping 52% increase in night flights compared to the
same month a year ago.

Finally, you rhapsodize about the horses and cows in the fields. OSU has already announced that the
horses and cows are probably leaving. Perhaps they too are bothered by the corporate jet noise.

WOOSE (We Oppose Ohio State airport Expansion)
John O'Keeffe, President
Jane Weislogel, Vice-President, OSU Part 150 Committee
John Haueisen, Treasurer
Ed Lentz, Historian
Vera Tedrick, Archivist
Dennis Hennen, Past President, OSU Airport Advisory Committee
Tony Pello, Past President

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