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woose.org: News - WOOSE UPDATE OF OSU PART 150 STUDY as of 09/08/08

Posted Tue Sep 9, 2008 9:24 pm EDT

WOOSE 2008 Review of the OSU Part 150 Study

January 2008: The first meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was called to review data
inputs to be used for the Integrated Noise Model (INM), to create noise contour maps .
Representatives from WOOSE, Worthington and residents immediately identified the inputs
under-reported night, jet, Stage 2 operations and fleet mix. The consultants agreed to review and
possibly revise the numbers. The running of the INM was delayed until the data inputs were

Feb- Mar 2008: A second meeting of the TAC was called to review the revised data inputs. Residents
and WOOSE again questioned the accuracy of the revised numbers- specifically night flights and fleet
mix. Residents submitted a written document outlining their concerns and demonstrating the night
time fleet mix needed further verification. The OSU consultants did not agree, stood by their
numbers, and moved ahead to run the INM without further verification.

April 2008: A public meeting was held to present the Noise Exposure Maps and to gather questions and
comments to be included in the Part 150 Study forwarded to the FAA for consideration. Many
residents submitted questions. WOOSE, working with area residents, compiled and submitted a 17 page
document of questions grouped by topic. The spokeswoman for the OSU consultants stated that they
would gather, group and sort questions. Those questions pertaining to the Part 150 will be
addressed by the consultants. Questions to other airport matters will be addressed by airport staff.
Answers to questions will not be provided to individuals but instead will be provided to the
general public at the next meeting and included with all questions as an appendix to the Part 150
documents. Questions will NOT be individually answered.

July 15- 21, 2008: On July 15, OSU released a memo from their consultant (ESA Airports) praising the
work of OSU Airport’s Noise Complaint Process. Subsequently, the Dispatch ran an editorial
supporting the airport and the proposed expansion. Upon review of the memo WOOSE determined 1) ESA
has not completed the review task as outlined in the OSU Part 150 Scope document. 2) The ESA review
was limited, incomplete and incorrect. 3)Problems with with noise complaint process documented by
both WOOSE and the City of Worthington were not addressed. WOOSE is currently working on a
comprehensive response document that will be submitted to OSU, the consultant and the FAA.

Summer 2008: A second public meeting, to wrap up Part 1 of the Part 150 Study (INM and comments) and
kick off Part 2 (the Noise Compatibility Study (NCP) was to take place this summer. WOOSE recently
learned that meeting probably not be held until mid to late October. No explanation for the delay
was provided.

What can you and other residents do??? WOOSE continues to encourage residents to report problematic
aircraft operations to OSU and talk with your neighbors about problem aircraft operations in your
neighborhood. To helpyou, we’ve organized the information is a business card format for residents
cut out and share with neighbors to post phones or computers.

WOOSE: We Oppose Ohio State airport Expansion
WWW.WOOSE.ORG Email: Info@Woose.org
To submit a complaint to OSU Airport:
Email: noise@osuairport.org or Phone: 292-9055
Include your Name,Date,Time and Location and any details of the flight
and if you like to help us make a record, cc WOOSE at noise@woose.org

WOOSE has received significant support from local business, civic associations and individuals. If
you are interested in supporting the work of WOOSE please contact info@woose.org or www.woose.org
Attention: John Haueisen, WOOSE Treasurer.

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