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Details concerning the 11/6/08 OSU Airport Part 150 meetings
Posted Thu Oct 16, 2008 4:13 pm EDT

The Part 150 Committee meeting and public open house will be Thursday, November 6th. The specifics
on the time/location for each meeting:
Part 150 Committee: Thursday, November 6, 2 to 4 p.m., MedFlight training room, 2827 W.
Dublin Granville Rd., Columbus, OH 43235
Public Meeting/Open House: Thursday, November 6, 7 to 9 p.m. OSU Airport Hangar 1 (entrance
next to Barnstormers Restaurant), 2160 West Case Rd., Columbus, OH 43235. A presentation will be
made at 7:30 p.m.

The purpose of these meetings is two-fold:
1) to provide another opportunity to review and provide comments on the updated draft Noise Exposure
Maps, and
2) to introduce the Noise Compatibility Program phase of the study.

The study team will review current noise abatement guidelines at OSU Airport, and discuss additional
types of noise abatement procedures that other airports have established to reduce noise exposure.

The team will also discuss potential land use compatibility measures to prevent incompatible land
uses from being developed.

Additional noise abatement and land use suggestions will be sought from the Part 150 Committee and
the public.

Notification to the public will include:
An e-mail notice has been sent to those people on the OSU Airport Part 150 e-mail
distribution lists
A newsletter will be mailed to those people on Airport and Part 150 distribution lists
A news release will be sent to local media
Ads will be placed in This Week and Suburban News Press
A sign will be placed on the Worthington Commons
Information will be posted on the www.OSUAirportPart150.com web site

We also encourage you to forward this meeting notification to your various organizations and

The draft Noise Exposure Map document will be delivered to Part 150 Committee members on or around
October 30th.

Hard copies will also be available for public review at OSU Airport and at the Worthington and
Dublin public libraries; the electronic version will be posted on the web site.

Following the public meeting, comments specific to the NEM Report will be accepted until December 6,

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