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woose.org: News - South runway at OSU Airport will be closed beginning June 15, 2009 for approx 50 days for resurfacing.

South runway at OSU Airport will be closed beginning June 15, 2009 for approx 50 days for resurfacing.
Posted Wed Apr 1, 2009 9:55 pm EDT

Hello Neighbors!

WOOSE wishes to welcome Spring and provide you with a quick update on OSU Airport.

This summer the South runway at OSU Airport will be closed beginning June 15, 2009 for approx 50
days for resurfacing. Details from the OSU Airport March Newsletter follow.

What does this mean for the residential communities surrounding the airport?
Jets will be temporarily relocated to other airports in the vicinity because the current North
runway is too short for most jets to safely use.
ALL other aircraft will use the North runway (9-27).
This change in runway use will move the flight track of airplanes North and shift noise exposure.
Homes located under the current flight track to and from the south runway will get a break in the
noise. Homes located further north will notice a change in flight tracks as well as noise of prop
and turbo prop aircraft using the North runway. Itís important to keep in mind the proposed extended
North runway would be used for almost all of the jet and night air traffic if the runway is

The Part 150 Study continues. A final technical committee meeting and public open house will be
scheduled in late spring or early summer. Please watch for announcements and plan to attend

Thanks to those who turn in noise complaints for aircraft operations that disturbed you and your
household. OSU airport tabulates and reports monthly complaint count so each complaint counts and
can help us better understand the impact of aircraft noise on our communities. Complaints may be
emailed to noise@ousairport.org and CC to noise@woose.org. You can help us make a difference.

OSU Airport March 2009 Newsletter
The major project scheduled this spring is the pavement rehabilitation of Runway 9R-27L and all the
ramp areas from Hangar 4 to the West Ramp. Full depth rehabilitation of the ramp and runway
pavements will begin Monday, June 15th, 2009. Runway 9R-27L will be closed for approximately 50
days. Runways 5-23 and 14-32 will be closed at varying points during construction, while Runway
9L-27R will remain open for the duration of the project. While Runway 9R-27L is closed for
rehabilitation, other upgrades to the 9R-27L runway environment will take place:
- New MALSR approach lights for Runway 9R
- New runway lighting and signage for Runway 9R-27L
- VASI systems for Runway 9R-27L are being replaced with new PAPI systems
- The REIL for Runway 27L is being replaced with new LED technology
- The localizer antenna array and building are being moved 350 feet to the east to clear the safety
area per regulation changes

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