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OSU Airport June 2009 Update
Posted Thu Jun 4, 2009 10:03 pm EDT

OSU Airport Update

Noise Complaints:
OSU Airport recently added a monthly summary of submitted noise complaints in the Airport's
You may review that first summary in the June newsletter on page 3 at

Historically OSU Airport has reported the following summaries for the month of March:
March 2007: 6,180 operations, 517 complaints from 50 addresses
March 2008: 4,400 operations, 363 complaints from 15 addresses
March 2009: 7,404 operations, 245 complaints from 10 addresses

Note complaint submissions rules have significantly changed since 2007.
- All complaints must be submitted individually- 1 complaint per phone call at 292-9055 or email to
- Complaints of repeated interruptions by touch and go operations are considered and counted as 1
- All complaints must be submitted to the noise complaint office within 30 days of occurrence.
- OSU limits response to 5 complaints per address per month.
- Unless identified, OSU will respond to the first 5 chronologically occurring complaints submitted
each month.
- OSU prefers to provide complaint response follow-up by phone providing the resident with no
written record.
- OSU provides complaint response by email generally 3 or more months following the originally
complaint submission.
These practices were recommended by the Part 150 consultant for the efficiency of the OSU Noise
Management staff. The reality is these practices have increased the burden of reporting problematic
aircraft operations and have been adopted in a piecemeal approach. As is typical, complaint
submissions have dropped off as the collection of complaints continues over time. Although
reporting complaints is burdensome, WOOSE encourages you to continue to submit complaints about
problematic aircraft operations so the impacts of aircraft noise in your neighborhood/community is

South Runway closed for repaving beginning June 15th
Most prop activity will continue at OSU and will shift to the North Runway.
Jet traffic will be diverted from OSU to other airports.
Approximate time time of repaving 50 days.

Part 150 Update and "next step"

On Feb 18. 2009 OSU consultant sent an email to Advisory Committee explaining :
" The next Part 150 Committee and public meetings will occur in late spring/early summer.
The focus of the meetings will be the draft Noise Compatibility Program Report. This draft report
will detail the results of the review and technical analysis of the proposed measures, and will
recommend measures for consideration by OSU and the FAA. This document will be made available to the
Part 150 Committee and public for review and comment prior to the public meeting and for 30-days
afterward. You may attend the public meeting and talk to the consultant team for more explanation on
how each suggestion was evaluated and the findings at that time.

When contacted last month for the date of the "spring/early summer meeting" the consultant
provided the following reply on June 1, 2009:
"There are no meetings scheduled at this time. The next Part 150 Committee meeting and
public open house-meeting will occur after the additional review and analysis of the Noise
Compatibility Program measures described in the memo sent to the Part 150 Committee and interested
parties on April 14, 2009 is completed. This review and analysis, while progressing, is subject to
FAA input before it can be completed. It is premature to announce any meeting dates until further
FAA guidance is received and technical analysis is nearly complete.
We will notify you as soon as the date and location of these meetings have been confirmed. At
this time it is reasonable to assume that there will be no Part 150 Committee or public open
house-meetings in June or July. While we cannot guarantee 30-days notice prior to the Part 150
Committee and public open house-meeting, the draft Noise Compatibility Program Report will be made
available to the Part 150 Committee and public for review and comment prior to the meetings and for
30-days afterward."

So "stay tuned" for further updates. You may review the posted OSU Part 150 documents and
associated information at http://osuairportpart150.com/

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