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woose.org: News - Explanation: FAA advises OSU Noise Exposure Maps in compliance

Explanation: FAA advises OSU Noise Exposure Maps in compliance
Posted Wed Jul 15, 2009 9:53 pm EDT

OSU Airport recently announced the Federal Aviation Administration has accepted the Noise Exposure
Maps produced for the Part 150 Study for The Ohio State University Airport.

A little history and explanation on how the FAA reviews the maps is in order. From the minutes of
the April 11, 2006 OSU Airport Advisory Committee, FAA Environmental Protection Specialist, Ernest
Gubry made a presentation to the OSU Airport Advisory Committee .

When asked:

- “who reviews Part 150. Gubry said it first comes through him and then Washington, DC or it might
be delegated to Chicago.”

- “what he would review. Gubry said he would review whether the checklist was followed, whether
the public had input, and whether the public input was acknowledged.”

- "how accuracy in the study is determined. Gubry said that the Sponsor signs a certification
verifying its accuracy. " (OSU is the sponsor)

On July 1, 2009 FAA Environmental Protection Specialist, Ernest Gubry sent a letter to OSU Airport
Director Douglas Hammon advising that the Noise Exposure Maps and documents transmitted to the FAA
are “in compliance with applicable requirements of 14 CFR Part 150”.

The letter continues, “FAA’s determination that your Noise Exposure Maps are in compliance is
limited to a finding that the maps were developed in accordance with the procedures contained in
Appendix A of Part 150. Such determination does not constitute approval of your data, information
or plans."

"Should questions arise concerning the precise relationship of specific properties to noise
exposure contours depicted on your Noise Exposure Maps, you should note that the FAA will not be
involved in any way in determining the relative locations of specific properties with regards to the
depicted noise contours or in interpreting the maps to resolve questions concerning, for example,
which properties should be cover by the provisions of Title 49."

"Therefore, the responsibility for the detailed overlying of noise exposure contours onto the
maps depicting properties on the surface rest exclusively with the airport operator, or with those
public and planning agencies with which consultation is required under Title 49."

WOOSE asks that you re-read Mr. Gubry's statements.

He completed his checklist.

The FAA acceptance determination is not approval of data, information or plans and the FAA is not
responsible or involved in determining the locations/properties in depicted noise contours.

At this time OSU Airport has not posted the Gubry letter.
Information about the Part 150 Study is available at http://osuairportpart150.com/

July 15, 2009

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