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woose.org: News - OSU changes web-based noise complaint tracking system.

OSU changes web-based noise complaint tracking system.
Posted Tue Sep 8, 2009 12:44 pm EDT

In early September some residents report receiving the following email from OSU.

If you have used the new system please email WOOSE (noise@woose.org) to share your experience.

-------OSU Emailed announcement --------------

Our web-based noise complaint and aircraft tracking system (formerly called WebScene) has been
upgraded and we believe it will be easier now for you to file complaints directly into the new
system. By opening AirScene from the OSU Airport/Noise Management web site you will be able to:

•Enter complaints directly into AirScene.com;
•Create your own user name and password so that you will not need to re-enter your name and contact
information each time you file a complaint; and
•View a log of your complaints.

You can begin by opening www.osuairport.org and clicking on the Noise Management map, which is on
the right hand side of the page. Please read the information on the Noise Management page, and then
click on AirScene to begin.

When you click on the Complaint tab at the top of the page, you will be prompted to create a user
name and password. Then, simply click on “Submit New” to enter a complaint. NOTE: You have an option
to type in the time and date of the disturbance, or use a drop-down calendar. If you use the
drop-down calendar, you must enter military time first, and then click on the date of the
disturbance. If you choose to type in the date and time, you can type P.M. (if needed) after the
time and it will convert to military time when you submit the complaint.

Effective with the receipt of this note, please begin submitting your complaints via AirScene. If
you would still like five complaints researched by Airport staff each month, please send an e-mail
directly to me (cferrari@osuairport.org) with the dates and times of those five complaints. Our
research will be entered into the “operator comments” box on your complaint. This box will show up
on your screen when you view a complaint using the “Review” function. We will send you an e-mail to
let you know that the research has been entered.

The Flight Tracking map is still available through this system. You will see the tab for Flight
Tracking next to the Complaint tab.

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