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woose.org: News - WOOSE replies to OSU's apparent obfuscation

WOOSE replies to OSU's apparent obfuscation
Posted Wed May 26, 2004 7:29 pm EDT

Dear Elizabeth:

I read the transcript of the interview with WOSU and found your comments interesting.

I am a Worthington resident of over 20 years who happens to oppose the Airports Expansion plan for a
number of reasons not the least of which is the certainty of it altering and damaging our quality of
life as well as detracting from the otherwise wonderful historic community of Worthington.

To prove this point one only has to walk Antrim Park or petition as we have done in Indian Hills and
Riverlea as well as parts of Dublin. The damage done to these communities over the last 10 years is
and should be an outrage. The level of outrage and concern in these communities is remarkable.
Actually only surpassed by the lack of concern from area Civic Associations that are in lock step
with the Airport,Columbus City officials and the Ohio State University Administration.
In the interview you state that the University has not taken a position on the expansion plan. The
Airport Administration must be working and spending 10" of thousands of dollars completely
independent of the University Administration. They certainly have taken a position and spent a lot
of time and money in the process.
You refer to the expansion plan as actually a lengthening as you would describe it. You must be out
of the loop as to the Airports plan to create a Corporate Jet Gateway. I would encourage you to
browse the Airports website for an enlightening. I would also suggest you look into the Don Scott
Field District Plan that would result from the Airports EXPANSION PLAN. The new hangers, the fuel
depot, the flight museum. Really Elizabeth either you are being misled as we neighbors of the
Airport have been for the last 10-12 years or you are in collusion with the Airport Administration
in keeping the facts from the public.

Recently you mentioned in a local newspaper in reference to the Old Worthington Association Forum
that it was a little premature for residents to be so concerned about the proposed expansion. They
should wait until all the data is in. I found that comment interesting in that that is precisely
what happened as the Airport began ramping up its jet service business on the South runway some 10
years ago. Then they disingenuously blamed us for not paying attention.

Sincerely Yours,
Tony Pello
Worthington Ohio

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