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woose.org: News - Residents reported the following experiences using the AirScene Noise System - 9/8/09

Residents reported the following experiences using the AirScene Noise System - 9/8/09
Posted Tue Sep 8, 2009 12:52 pm EDT

Residents emailed WOOSE the following experiences using the AirScene Noise System 9/8/09

Problem: Announcement of AirScene system was not publicly presented. Some residents received the
email while others did not.

Problem: AirScene in unavailable- can't access "live page"
“I tried (to access the AirScene system) three times this morning. And all three time the AirScene
complaint information/form did not appear. It appears to me AirScene page did not fully load. The
page did not provide active links to navigate to the complaint form or provide for data entry.”

OSU Reply:
“ I showed your screen shot to our IT manager. It appears you are trying to access AirScene through
Firefox. Why don’t you try accessing it through Internet Explorer? Meanwhile, I’ll ask our vendor
to check the access through Firefox.’

Technology FACTS:
“Based on current browser stats, it is safe to say that if the system does not support Firefox then
roughly 20% of users are locked out. If the system supports Internet Explorer only then about 30% of
users are locked out. I have to question the quality of the system as a whole if (1) if it was not
adequately tested for Firefox and (2) WOOSE representatives brought this issue up with the previous
system, so they were aware this would be an issue. I only have Macs. I only have access to Internet
Explorer because my profession demands it in testing web applications I write for all common web
browsers. Other Mac users would not be so lucky. Even if people on Windows have Internet Explorer
available, most will not think to try it."

Now Two methods/systems for submitting complaints
To receive research info:
“If you would still like five complaints researched by Airport staff each month, please send an
e-mail directly to me (cferrari@osuairport.org) with the dates and times of those five complaints.
Other complaints:
“ Effective with the receipt of this note, please begin submitting your complaints via AirScene.”
It appears complaints submitted to AirScene will not be researched. Will they be reviewed?

Data input
Problem: Can’t correct data input
“After entering my complaints, I used the review feature. Upon review of my complaints I found I had
entered incorrect information...I reviewed both the complaint review page as well as the complaint
submission page and was unable to identify a method to easily and quickly edit the complaint data.
Please let me know if there is a simple method for editing complaints.”

Problem: System accepts incomplete data adds “default time” as midnight “The system had accepted the
date and when, I didn't provide a time, the system assigned a time rather than provide an error
message. Please suggest to the vendor that the system be modified to accept data entry that includes
user entered date and time only.”

OSU Reply;
“I understand that it might take a few minutes for you to become familiar with this system. When I
have a few free minutes I will delete your mistakes from the system. I have forwarded your
recommendation to our vendor. Meanwhile, please be sure to double check your data that you have
entered before hitting the “submit” button”

Problem: It’s slow
“This afternoon I filed 3 noise complaints at AirScene.com. On each occasion the system seemed
extremely unwieldy, requiring a wait of about 4 minutes before each complaint registered. Then, I
went to the "Review" section, to attempt to see if they complaints submitted had
registered, and it just left me hanging. After several minutes, I gave up.”

Problem: Discourages use
For such a prestigious university to put forth an inefficient and ineffective system like this one
at AirScene, raises the obvious issue that perhaps it was not intended to be conducive to gathering
information, but rather to discourage the reporting of complaints.

Problem: No outside or 3rd party review
“I do hope that the entire records of complaints will be open to the public to see; especially to
WOOSE, etc. I don't like the fact that I cannot just copy you (WOOSE) on the email message(s) I had
been sending them. If not, then, that is just another strike against the process. My confidence
keeps falling lower and lower with the "improvements"

One positive comment from a resident:
“Thank you - that does make it easier...”

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