OSU Part 150 Noise Compatibility and Land Use Study completed and submitted to (unidentified) OSU officials for review and approval
Posted Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:49 pm UTC

The Ohio State University Airport is nearing completion of the Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study,
which began in September 2007. The purpose of the study was twofold: 1) to identify existing and
future flight corridors and develop aircraft noise exposure maps consistent with those conditions;
and 2) to evaluate and recommend air traffic control procedures to reduce noise exposure over
residential areas, while taking into account land use options that could further mitigate noise.
Part 150 of the Federal Aviation Regulations provides guidance for conducting a Noise Compatibility
Study. There are two components of the process: 1) Identifying and producing the Noise Exposure Maps
(NEMs); and 2) developing a Noise Compatibility Program (NCP).
The NEMs were accepted by the FAA in July 2009. Recommendations for the NCP will be submitted to the
FAA after final review and approval by The Ohio State University, expected to occur Summer, 2010.
Please see http://www.osuairportpart150.com/documents.html to review the OSU Airport Part 150 Noise
and Land Use Compatibility Study Revised Report that has been submitted to the University for its
Once the NCP is submitted to the FAA and it begins the formal review of the NCP, FAA will review the
recommended measures to ensure they meet Part 150 requirements. Measures approved by the FAA may be
eligible for federal funding. FAA review is expected to be completed in 2011. There may be some
noise compatibility strategies that the University approves that do not require FAA approval. Should
that occur, OSU Airport could begin to implement those measures prior to the completion of the FAA’s
While OSU Airport always welcomes public input, the Part 150 Noise and Land Use Compatibility Study
public involvement process is complete. Thank you for participating in this process. For more
information and for answers to commonly asked questions, please see www.osuairportpart150.com.
Thank you again for your participation and input.

Marie S. Keister, AICP, APR
RS&H Team – Part 150 Public Involvement Lead
(614) 565-2819

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