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Update: Stage 2 jet phase- out from Sound Initiative
Posted Thu Apr 15, 2010 9:51 pm EDT

Dear Sound Initiative Member – David Schaffer and I made the rounds of House and Senate staff this
week for the sole purpose of ensuring the final version of the FAA Reauthorization Bill contains the
Stage 2 phase-out date of December 31, 2013. This is the date in the House version and is preferable
to the Senate’s “five years from enactment” language. We met with Sen. Lautenberg’s Senior Policy
Advisor David Garten, Aviation Subcommittee Dem. Staff Director Giles Giovinazzi (with Jana Denning,
Dem. staff member), Senate Commerce Committee Dem. sr. staff Gael Sullivan, (with Rep. staffers
Jarrod Thompson and Daniel Neumann,) House Aviation Rep. Staff Director Holly Woodruff Lyons (with
staffer Bailey Edwards and Ranking Rep. Aviation Subcommittee member Congressman Petri’s Chief of
Staff Deborah Gephardt.)
There are a number of holds on the bill, so the Conference Committee has not met formally. However,
the staff is actively preparing a side-by-side comparison of the House and Senate versions to
reconcile differences. This was the best time to test the waters and remind staff the phase out
should be sooner rather than later. Without exception, we were received graciously without any
rancorous or even polite cross examination. Our phase out provision is viewed by staff as a very
small provision referred by several as either underbrush or low hanging fruit. This is encouraging
for two reasons. First, it will not be subject to extensive analysis because efforts will be focused
on more contentious issues. Second, quickly resolving low hanging fruit can be used to show progress
in the conference committee when obstinacy logjams larger issues.
We received no firm commitments at this time since the conference process always provides surprises
out of the blue, but the winds are with us and all indications tell us if we maintain a low profile
and not stir the pot or awaken any somnolent canines, we are in the best position to come away with
a shorter phase out period.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call me.

Robert L. Bogan, A.A.E.
Deputy Executive Director

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