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woose.org: News - “Severe budget constraints” eliminates the OSU Airport External Relations Manager, Cathy Ferrari.

“Severe budget constraints” eliminates the OSU Airport External Relations Manager, Cathy Ferrari.
Posted Mon May 17, 2010 10:16 am EDT

An email sent by Ms. Ferrari on 5/13/2010 advised “severe budget constraints” eliminated the
position of OSU Airport External Relations Manager as of 5/14/2010. Her email follows.

This change is significant.

Going, GOING, GONE!!

ALL the groups and individuals who worked to promote communication and understanding between Ohio
State University Airport and surrounding communities /area residents have vanished:

1) Dean Bud Baeslack- who set up committees and hired personnel to facilitate communication between
the university, airport and surrounding communities/residents

2) Airport Advisory Board and

3) Airport Noise Advisory Committee which were
“asked to review and make recommendations to the University Administration and Airport staff about
the operations, capital improvements and development of the Ohio State Airport." and
"serve an important role in promoting effective communications between Ohio State, the Airport,
and surrounding communities."

4) Airport Part 150 Committee “A committee representing neighboring municipalities, airport users
and other stakeholders has been formed to provide feedback and comment throughout the Part 150

5) External Relations Manager, “responsible for working closely with the communities on airport
issues and will manage a new state-of-the-art noise complaint system with a radar receiver and data
collection system”

Remaining: Airport Director Doug Hammon at dhammon@osuairport.org
to take your questions, concerns and complaints.

---- Ms Ferrari’s email----------


Due to severe budget constraints, the position of External Relations Manager at the Airport has been
eliminated. My last day is tomorrow, May 14. I am hopeful that I will find another fun and
challenging position, and I will certainly keep you informed when I have “landed.” I have enjoyed
working with all of you. If you would like to stay in touch, feel free to contact me at
cferrari@wowway.com. If you have any questions or concerns about the airport, please direct those to
Doug Hammon at dhammon@osuairport.org. Thanks.

Cathy Ferrari
External Relations Manager
The Ohio State University Airport

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