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woose.org: News - OSU Airport to host regional NIFA competition in October 2010

OSU Airport to host regional NIFA competition in October 2010
Posted Wed Jul 7, 2010 4:05 pm EDT

The Ohio State University Airport recently announced it will host the regional NIFA (Nation
Intercollegiate Flying Association)competition during the month of October 2010.

OSU hosted the event in 2006 which resulted in increased operations as well as additional aircraft
noise and complaints. About the 2006 event and noise impacts:

OSU hosted the regional SAFECON from 10/10/06-10/14/06.

Six collegiate teams participated in the regional competition: Kent
State, Univ of Cincinnati, Western Michigan, Ohio Univ. and Andrews
College and OSU.

Teams arrived at KOSU 3 days before the competition started to begin
practice for the competition.

Practice time prior to the event occurred between 8am-5pm on 10/7, 10/9,
10/10 and on Sunday, 10/8, practice time was from 9am-5pm.

Practice increased traffic on the N. runway and over residential

Students competed in precision navigation preflight inspection as well
as written tests.

During the 2006 SAFECON event both OSU and WOOSE operated noise
complaint systems.
* WOOSE reported collecting more than 75 complaints some listed times
of multiple operations or the number of seconds/minutes between
aircraft over homes related to the SAFECON event.
* WOOSE forwarded all complaints to OSU Airport.
* OSU reported collecting 40 complaints related to SAFECON.
* It is interesting to note Port Columbus International Airport
reported a total of 40 complaints for the 2006 calendar year.

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