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woose.org: News - Report on Worthington City Council Meeting on Monday

Report on Worthington City Council Meeting on Monday
Posted Thu Jun 10, 2004 3:15 pm EDT

Worthington City Council held a meeting on Monday. David Zoll, one of
the consultants hired by the city to look at the airport issue, made a
brief presentation concerning the upcoming noise study. He stated
that he feels it is very likely that the University will be required
to hold a public meeting and may have to perform a full blown
environmental study.

Dennis Hennen voiced complaints that OSU is not answering his
questions and has gone for three months without a substantive answer.
Jim Ventrseca, the Old Worthington Association (OWA) president,
substantiated this view, saying the University has been disingenuous
with the public.

He also announced the results of a vote taken at the OWA annual meeting
in April. Citizens were asked to vote in support of airport
expansion, against, or undecided. Out of 70 some votes, only one
supported the airport -- the remaining votes cast were against, with
no-one voting undecided.

Ed Lentz questioned the financial ties between the airport and the
University. Zoll pointed out it is illegal for money to flow from the
airport to the University. Lentz has tried to get financial records
from the airport to clear this issue up, but so far has been

The question of the cost of the consultants came up during the
meeting. Members said this is not the time to let the consultants go,
and budget cuts elsewhere would be made if needed.

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