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OSU Airport Yearly Operations going Down, Down, Down
Posted Sun Aug 4, 2013 4:39 pm EDT

OSU Airport Operations going DOWN, DOWN, and DOWN

Fiscal-- Itinerant-- Local-- Total
Year-- Operations-- Operations-- Operations

1998-- 72,617-- 53,774-- 126,391

1999-- 68,663-- 55,265-- 123,928

2000-- 66,477-- 54,929-- 121,406

2001-- 56,803-- 38,290-- 95,093

2002-- 69,423-- 46,832-- 116,255

2003-- 57,634-- 43,635-- 101,269

2004-- 64,394-- 35,415-- 99,809

2005-- 67,410-- 30,421-- 97,831

2006-- 62,244-- 38,373-- 100,617

2007-- 57,124-- 26,332-- 83,456

2008-- 49,002-- 20,690-- 69,692

2009-- 44,171-- 22,461-- 66,632

2010-- 43,076-- 26,303-- 69,379

2011-- 39,235-- 30,867-- 70,102

2012-- 42,767-- 21,993-- 64,760

Total:- 861,040-- 545,580-- 1,406,620

Sources: Air Traffic Activity System (ATADS)
Internet Source: http://aspm.faa.gov/opsnet/sys/Main.asp?force=atads

The WOOSE financial team used the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic Activity Data System
(ATADS) to determine the loss of business (operations – landing/takeoffs) that The Ohio State
University Airport has incurred over the past 15 years.

Yearly Total Operations at KOSU dropped 48.76% over 15 years. The FAA data indicates a loss of
61,631 Total Operations from 1998 there to 2012; a significant reduction.

Over the 15 year period there has been a shift in OSU Airport users. In 2012 itinerant operations
exceeded local operations at a 2:1 ratio (42,767 itinerant operations to 21,993 local operations).

Additional info about Operations at KOSU

In 2006 OSU hosted SAFECON. The SAFECON Daily reported “OSU TRAFFIC UP 5X” stating “… daily traffic
was averaging between 1200-2000 operations with maximum traffic peaking at approximately 200
operations per hour.”

The June 2006 OSU Airport Newsletter reported: “During this time period, OSU
Tower watched its average 400-500 op day increase to approximately 1200 per day. Two days topped the
2000 mark, with a single day peaking at 2114 operations. The total traffic count for the event
reaches nearly 15,000 by mid May, in turn giving OSU Federal Contract tower another milestone in the
9 year relationship that has been going since July of 1997.”

History: OSU hosted SAFECON and/or NIFA in 2006, 2007,2009. 2011 and 2013 and recently announced
they host SAFECON again in 2014.

More info available at

The FAA definition of local and itinerant operations can be found at:

Airport Operations -- the number of arrivals and departures from the airport at which the airport
traffic control tower is located. There are two types of operations: local and itinerant.

1. Local operations are performed by aircraft which:
(a) operate in the local traffic pattern or within sight of the airport;
(b) are known to be departing for, or arriving from, flight in local
practice areas located within a 20-mile radius of the airport;
(c) execute simulated instrument approaches or low passes at the airport.

2. Itinerant operations are all aircraft operations other than local operations.

More info at http://aspm.faa.gov/opsnet/sys/Main.asp?force=atads

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