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woose.org: News - OSU Holds Potentially Illegal Secret Meetings and Discusses Airport Expansion

OSU Holds Potentially Illegal Secret Meetings and Discusses Airport Expansion
Posted Sat Jul 10, 2004 12:15 pm EDT

Page A3 of the July 10, 2004 Dispatch reports that before a recent
Board of Trustees meeting OSU President Karen Holbrook met with board
members to "brief" them on various topics, including opposition to
expansion at OSU's Don Scott Field.

An OSU attorney holds that these meetings are legal, yet there is
every likelihood they are in violation of Ohio's Open Meetings Act,
also know as the "Sunshine Law." Until recently, these meetings where
open to the public.

We find this very troubling. It is another clear indication that OSU
is withholding important information from the public despite their
continued claims that they are a good neighbor and keeping the public

We are urging all those concerned with this issue to take the
following steps:

1) Urge the Dispatch, including this article's author Kathy Gray
(kgray@dispatch.com), to protest this closed meeting as a violation of
the Ohio Meetings Act,

2) Request the information presented at this meeting and past closed
meetings to be published, and

3) Request all such meetings in the future be open to the media and
the public.

Please visit http://woose.org for a list of officials you may want to
contact with your concerns over this issue.

Dispatch subscribers can view the article online at

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