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woose.org: News - Summary of July 2004 WOOSE Meeting

Summary of July 2004 WOOSE Meeting
Posted Tue Jul 27, 2004 11:25 pm EDT

In our July meeting we covered several of the issues surrounding the
airport expansion.

The FTM group gave an overview of their recent activities. They have
been seeking and reviewing source documents to investigate the
financial, legal, and health aspects of the OSU Airport. An
announcement will be made shortly of a new section at the woose.org web
site containing downloadable copies of all these source documents and
a summary of the FTM group's findings.

Historic Worthington was discussed. Worthington has dozens of
nationally registered historic buildings. Downtown Worthington will
likely be designated a National Historic District before the year's
end, and the Rush Creek area south of downtown has already been
designated. Because of this, the FAA is required to consult a
national advisory board on historic areas before approving an airport
expansion, but thus far it appears this has not been done.

We are looking for additional volunteers, specifically in areas out
side of Worthington. We are making every effort to represent all
citizens who may be affected by airport expansion or who are being
adversely affected by current airport activities.

Several members reported on their various activities and findings. In
almost all cases, OSU has not provided requested information or has
provided incomplete information.

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