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woose.org: News - Minutes of August 2004 WOOSE Meeting

Minutes of August 2004 WOOSE Meeting
Posted Wed Aug 25, 2004 1:56 pm EDT

The monthly WOOSE meeting was held last night. Items discussed

We discussed a recent article in Worthington News where OSU's Robert
Haverkamp made many false and misleading statements. Part of WOOSE's
response was published today as a letter to the editor in Worthington

We are going to investigate whether airport expansion was considered
when Worthington purchased the park land near the airport. Airport
expansion will detrimentally affected that park land.

The airport continues to delay the release of economic study data that
would back their claim that the airport contributes $65 million
dollars to the local economy. Their response has been that the report
is being updated in conjunction the Columbus Airport Authority (of
which previously they have not been a part), and will study all
airports in Franklin Co. They expect to have the results by the end of
the year.

We discussed a home recently sold in Riverlea. The buyers are very
angry because disclosure of airport noise was not made. We are
looking more in depth at this and to substantiate the surrounding

OSU still has not complied with requests to release financial documents.

The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill is moving (has moved?)
their airport. On reason cited was it was "not consistent with the
university's commitment to positive town relations." See
We will be looking more in depth into this.

In the last 40 years, approximately half of the FAA grant money given
to the airport has been used for land acquisition. We are
investigating why this was needed and whether it supports their vision
of a Don Scott District Plan for major development of land surrounding
the airport.

It may be the case that the airport land cannot be used for other
purposes such as the farm or primate research center that it is being
used for now. This is under investigation.

We have found that the Colonial Hills school, right under the airport
flight paths, has lower test scores than surrounding schools. That
school also had many significant noise events during the recent noise
monitoring period. We are investigating whether their may be a

A draft of WOOSE's vision and mission statements was proposed for
review. We would like to approve them at the next WOOSE meeting.

The Dean of the College of Engineering, of which the Aviation
Department is a part, made an official response to many questions that
have gone unanswered for months. However, the response still answers
no questions. A report on these efforts is forthcoming.

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