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woose.org: News - Board meeting on noise study and accademics scheduled for Friday, Sept 10 at 8AM.

Board meeting on noise study and accademics scheduled for Friday, Sept 10 at 8AM.
Posted Fri Sep 3, 2004 4:47 pm EDT

From an OSU Press Release at

The Facilities Planning Committee of The Ohio State University's Board
of Trustees will meet from 8 to 10 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 10. The
meeting will be held in the Alumni Lounge of the Fawcett Center, 2400
Olentangy River Road.

On the agenda is a presentation from the College of Engineering on the
Ohio State University Airport at Don Scott Field. The presentation
will focus on the Airport's relationship to the university's academic
mission and an update on the status of the proposed 2004 Airport
Master Plan. As part of the update, the presentation will include
results from an Environmental Assessment, including a noise study,
being conducted per Federal Aviation Administration guidelines. The
Assessment is part of an evaluation of the impact of the Plan's
proposals for extending the runway for safety purposes and building
new hangars to serve existing customers.

The meeting is open to the public. Additional opportunities for public
comment and exchange with the University will be scheduled for


WOOSE is disappointed that this meeting was announced in such a
manner. Many of our members have been asking OSU questions for months
on when and where meetings like this will be held. We and the media
are always told that OSU works hard to talk with the community and
that sufficient notice will be given. We only found out about this
meeting through an off-hand comment made to us while being interviewed
by the media. A press release seven days before such an important
event is not adequate notice and does not show a good faith effort by
the University to reach out to the public.

However, we are pleased to see the University is discussing the
academic angle to the airport -- something that should be considered
with any program at the University. We are also happy to see public
confirmation from the University that the planned expansion is more
than just the runway -- it includes additional hangars. (Airport staff
have indicated to us that more hangars will attract many more
corporate flights to the airport.) Finally, we hope the mentioned
safety issues are addressed in full, including whether the increased
safety is worth the impact to surrounding neighborhoods, and what the
impact may be.

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