Please contact Worthington City Council to appropriate funds for the environmental Assessment review
Posted Wed Sep 15, 2004 12:41 pm UTC

Please contact Worthington City Council regarding the appropriation of funds for Attornry David Zoll
and Consultant Dennis Hughes to review and interpret the noise and other environmental assessments.
It is critical that we have this review as we cannot as a community take OSU's word that everything
will be ok and their finding of no or very little impact from the expansion related to all 21
componets of the study. We need our own interpretation.
Call City Hall at 436 3100
Fax City HALL AT 436 5966
Dr. Goorey 885 1500
Mr. Chapman 846 4343
Mr. Holmes 846 9556
Mrs Micheal 436 9176
Mrs. Briggs 888 4451
Dr. Chosey 888 6678
Mr. Dietrich 436 0890

City Manager David Elder 436 3100

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