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woose.org: News - Community Support for Don Scott Field Expansion

Community Support for Don Scott Field Expansion
Posted Sun Sep 19, 2004 12:32 am EDT

Recently, OSU has reported on many separate occasions that they have letters of support from the
community. WOOSE requested and received copies of these letters. If there are more, OSU has not
shared them with us.

The first letter of support is dated July 13, 2004 from Todd Barnum, President and CEO of Max &
Erma's. A copy is available at http://www.woose.org/osua-support-barnum.pdf .

1. Their property is southeast of the airport. Thus, few, if any, flights fly directly over head
for them, thus there noise levels will be less than those of us to the east and west of the

2. They has not lived in Indian Hills for over 10 years. Residents of that area who have voiced
concerns say the problem has gotten worse over the past 10 years.

3. He mentions that the airport responds quickly to his concerns. It is likely since he runs a
powerful Columbus area business he has received preferential treatment that most citizens do not

The second is a letter of support from four civic associations available at
http://www.woose.org/osua-support-civic-associations.pdf . It was signed by the Indian Hills
Residents Association, Sycamore Hills Residents Association, Preston Way Village, and Timbrook
Farm Residents Assn, Inc.

1. There is an unsigned space for the Village of Riverlea. We recently reported that Mary Jo Cusak,
then and current mayor, was approached by Hammon with a promise to move all jet traffic to the new
north runway if she would support expansion. We wonder if the signatories were approached with a
similar promise. We also wonder if the signatories are aware of later statements by Hammon that jet
traffic would be shared between both runways.

2. This document was signed in twice in February, once in March, and once in August of 2003. With
the events we over the past year and a half we wonder if these organizations would still lend their

If you are a member of one of these four civic associations, or another organization, we encourage
you to write to your city council and the airport with your opposition, and to urge your civic
assocation to write a similar letter of opposition. Please also forward copies to us at
info@woose.org so we can make sure they become part of the public record.

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