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woose.org: News - Worthington City Council Approves Funds for Consultants

Worthington City Council Approves Funds for Consultants
Posted Mon Sep 20, 2004 11:11 pm EDT

In a surprise move, Worthington City Council (WCC) voted 6 to 1 to pass an emergency ordinance
approving additional funds for the airport consultants they have hired. This will allow them to
perform a critique of the OSU Environmental Assessment and Noise Study. This is necessary to
conclusively demonstrate if any harm may be caused by an expanded airport.

Several members of council also voiced concerns that the Ohio State Board of Trustees would not be
made aware of the public opposition to airport expansion. There was consensus that the letters and
testimony presented to WCC should be made available to the OSU Board of Trustees for their
consideration. Several members plan to attend the Board meetings this Wednesday and there are plans
to make a formal request for representatives from Worthington to speak at the November meeting.

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