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OSU Board's Fiscal Affairs Committee Meeting Report
Posted Wed Sep 22, 2004 11:57 pm EDT

Judge Duncan of the the Facilities Planning Committee reported to the OSU Board's Fiscal Affairs
Committee on the September 10th, 2004 meeting they recently held.

Duncan gave a fair and accurate account of the September 10th meeting. He briefly discussed the
elements of Mr. Shkurti and Dean Baeslack's presentation. He also discussed the presentations by
Tony Pello, WOOSE presidents, and Mary Jo Pello, Riverlea Mayor, and that both advised the board of
the strong opposition to airport expansion by their constituents.

Duncan reiterated that the board is deeply concerned with the feelings of the community and will not
underestimate citizen's concerns. He requested that the board become knowledgeable about all the
facts surrounding airport expansion, that they do their homework, and keep their minds open before
they vote.

Duncan encouraged Worthington City Council, their consultants, and any concerned citizens to submit
appropriate material to the board for review. [We encourage individuals to write personal letters.
They should be directed to: OSU Facilities Planning Committee, Robert Duncan, Chairperson, 190 North
Oval Dr., Columbus, OH 43210, Phone: 614-293-3624.]

We identified nearly half of the public audience as members of WOOSE. At least two members of
Worthington City Council were in attendance and submitted copies of letters and testimony that
Council has received.

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