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New WOOSE Contact Information
Posted Fri Sep 24, 2004 11:19 am EDT

From October 2 to October 16, WOOSE President Tony Pello will be traveling abroad on a long planned
(and needed!) vacation. During his abscence Vice President Weislogel and Seceretary Dennis Hennen
will take the leadership roles for the organization.

WOOSE has also designated Mr. Hennen as the main contact point for the organization. We ask that
official incoming or outgoing WOOSE business be coordinated through him. This is not to discourage
the public from their own communications with the media or public officials, nor is it to discourage
communication with individual WOOSE members. This is *only* meant for *official* WOOSE business.

Dennis Hennen can be contacted at:

198 Caren Ave
Worthingotn, OH 43085-2519
Phone: 614-430-0403
Cell: 614-638-9357
Fax: 614-430-8663
Email: dsh@dsh.org

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