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woose.org: News - Documentary evidence that OSU ignores complaints!

Documentary evidence that OSU ignores complaints!
Posted Thu Nov 18, 2004 9:59 am EST

In March of 2003, one citizen in Dublin got fed up with the noise
coming from the Ohio State University's Don Scott Field. He decided
to complain. He sent an email to Doug Hammon, airport director, and
received no reply. Then he sent another. No reply. He called the
phone number for complaints where he was promised a return call. That
call never came. He wrote to the FAA, only to hear that they couldn't
help. Discouraged and frustrated, he gave up, resigned to live with
the noise from an airport he felt was leaving its academic roots to
serve the needs of the business community.

His story is familiar to us. Many in the community have related to
WOOSE members how they would make noise complaints, only to be ignored
or given the run around by airport staff. Fortunately, WOOSE has
acquired this man's correspondence with the FAA to document that this
is fact. The document is available at


WOOSE has been able to contact this man. To date, he has *never*
heard from OSU or the Airport in regards to his noise complaints.
Before this release, several officials at OSU were asked to comment.
No response was ever received.

Nearly a year before the current controversy and media attention, this
man independently summarized what many in the community have been

1. Reading the Airport's planning documents and website, as well as
through simple observation, it is clear the airport is trying to
cater to business jets.

2. There is an existing noise problem, and has been for some time.

3. The airport completely ignored any noise complaints, and will not
even respond to this day!

If OSU is to believed, their studies show there is no noise problem
now, and in fact an expanded airport will *decrease* the noise. This
underscores why many believe OSU can not be trusted to expand the
airport in a manner that is compatible with the surrounding community,
and further underscores the need of community vigilance, such as the
call for additional study through a full Environmental Impact
Statement and through the WOOSE.org Aircraft Complaint System.

We ask all people in the community affected by Don Scott Field to
continue to be vigilant and listen to the actions of OSU, not their

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