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woose.org: News - WOOSE Noise Complaint System updated to identify Confirmed Complaints

WOOSE Noise Complaint System updated to identify Confirmed Complaints
Posted Sat Feb 26, 2005 6:51 pm EST

WOOSE has redesigned the system to identify aircraft operations that generate multiple complaints.
An example could be complaints sent to www.woose.org reporting: awakened by jet at 6 AM from a home
on Olentangy River Rd, and from a home on Evening Street reports of a low, loud jet at 6:01 AM, from
a business on North High Street at 6:03 AM concern about a very loud jet, and from Wilson Bridge Rd
a low jet at 6:04 AM and from Westerville Rd 6:06 AM a loud jet. These multiple complaints about a
single aircraft operation would be called a "Confirmed Complaint".

WOOSE is intersted in receiving reports from all areas impacted by aircraft using OSU Airport
including but not limited to Dublin, Columbus, Worthington, Westerville, and Riverlea.

WOOSE requested OSU identify an electronic contact for receiving noise complaints. Once OSU provides
that information the WOOSE system will report "Confirmed Complaints", request
information about the altitude and aircraft type of the "Confirmed Complaint" , and
encourage OSU
Airport remedy the situation. Individuals logging complaints with WOOSE will have the option to
receive information reported back to WOOSE forwarded to them from WOOSE.

The system is now and will continue to be set up to use WOOSE as the host to send and receive the
information. This ensures the identity and location of those reporting disturbances are kept
confidential. If you have questions please e-mail us at www.woose.org

NOTE: Next WOOSE meeting is 3/15/05 from 7-9 pm in the Public Meeting Room of the Northwest Library
on Hard Rd. We hope to see you there!

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