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Airport Expansion Timeline / Worthington City Council Notes
Posted Tue May 3, 2005 2:10 pm EDT

The topic of the Ohio State University Airport came up briefly during
the Monday, May 2nd 2005 Worthington City Council meeting.

Dr. Chosy asked staff to consult with Worthington's airport legal
consultant David Zoll on when the appropriate time is to begin
considering litigation is.

Council President Dr. Goorey and city manager Dave Elder are to meet
soon with OSU Dean of the College of Engineering Bud Baeslack. Goorey
will report back to council with the details of that meeting.

Council members questioned WOOSE President Dennis Hennen about the
timeline for airport expansion. Based on OSU press releases, news
articles, and emails from Dean Baeslack, the following information is

1. Dean Baeslack will make a presentation in front of an OSU Board of
Trustees Committee about the most recently completed study results and
the updated timeline. This will occur no earlier than the June 7th
2005 Board meeting. He will also make his recommendation to the Board
on whether to proceed with expansion. It appears to be a foregone
conclusion that he will recommend to proceed. This meeting is
informational only and requires no approval from the Board.

2. OSU will then conduct an informal public hearing concerning the
updated timeline. Again, this meeting will only be informational.

3. OSU will then submit their draft Environmental Assessment (EA)
study to the FAA for a preliminary review.

4. Based on FAA feedback, OSU may update the EA to complete a final

5. OSU will then hold the formal, FAA mandated 30-day (minimum) public
comment period. Any comments made to OSU or the FAA during this time
must be responded to.

6. OSU may update the EA based on the public feedback received.

7. It is likely the EA will then be presented to the OSU Board of
Trustees for review and comment. This will not be an approval vote.

8. The EA will then be finalized and submitted to the FAA for

Expansion will not be allowed without FAA approval of the EA and Board
approval of the Airport Master Plan.

If the EA is approved by the FAA, 90% of the runway portion of
expansion will be funded by Federal tax dollars.

It unknown when the Trustees will vote on whether to approve the
Airport Master Plan. If approved, it will be necessary for the Board
to vote a second time to approve funding for any expansion projects.

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