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woose.org: News - WOOSE and OSU invited to Speak at NWCA in July

WOOSE and OSU invited to Speak at NWCA in July
Posted Thu May 5, 2005 5:30 pm EDT

During their May 4th, 2005 meeting, the Northwest Civic Association
(NWCA) voted unanimously to invite WOOSE and OSU to discuss the Don
Scott Field Airport expansion. Once the formal invitation is
received, WOOSE will accept. The meeting is scheduled for July 20th.
The time and location have yet to be determined.

NWCA also voted to ask Ohio State to open the public comment period
for their Environmental Assessment to a total of 90 days. The FAA
required minimum period for the public comment period is 30 days. It
was reported that the public comment period may begin in late August
or early September, but "nothing is set in stone."

Finally, a resident of Indian Hills presented the results of a straw
poll of random residents he performed. Of 30 residents question, 28
oppose the expansion of the airport. This is in contrast to earlier
published reports claiming most Indian Hills residents support

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