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Updates to WOOSE Aircraft Complaint System
Posted Thu Jun 16, 2005 2:50 pm EDT

After recent discussions with the University, some changes have been made to the WOOSE Aircraft
Complaint System (ACS).

Confirmed complaints are no longer sent to the University. Instead, EVERY complaint is sent.
Again, your personal information is not revealed to OSU, and your street address is partially
obscured before the data is forwarded. (At least a partial address is necessary so that the flight
can be tracked.)

If and when the University responds to your complaint(s), and if you have entered your email
address, you will receive an email with OSU's response.

Finally, whenever you enter a complaint, the last screen will provide a link that you can go to to
view all of the complaints that you have submitted. Any response provided by OSU will also be
displayed on this screen. You can bookmark this page and visit it at any time. For those of you
that do not wish to provide us with your email address, this is the only method by which you can
review the University's response to your complaints.

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