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Information about and Reaction to Board of Trustees Meeting
Posted Fri Jul 15, 2005 11:24 am EDT

Wednesday, the Ohio State Board of Trustees Facilities Planning Subcommittee met to hear input
concerning the OSU Airport. The following items concerning that meeting are available:

OSU Press Release of the proceedings:

Recordings of the proceedings:
William Baeslack, College of Engineering: http://www.woose.org/docs/doc.html?id=62
Steve Mershon, Solicitor of Riverlea: http://www.woose.org/docs/doc.html?id=57
Dennis Hennen, President of WOOSE: http://www.woose.org/docs/doc.html?id=58
David Zoll, Worthington Consultant: http://www.woose.org/docs/doc.html?id=59
Alan Harding, Pilots' Representative: http://www.woose.org/docs/doc.html?id=60
Concluding Questions and Remarks: http://www.woose.org/docs/doc.html?id=54

Dean of the College of Engineering William Baeslack's slide presentation:

WOOSE President Dennis Hennen's draft comments:

Correction to Mr. Hennen's comments:

Dispatch Article Concerning the Proceedings:
(Subscription required. Reprint will be posted when and if permission is granted.)

OSU stated their desire to "aggressively address community concerns by implementing a highly
sophisticated, state-of-the-art noise analysis and complaint-response system." WOOSE applauds
this effort. However, based on the University's track record in dealing with noise complaints we
will maintain a healthy skepticism until we see results. We are also looking forward to additional
details concerning the new system. (WOOSE submitted a public records request to the University on
June 13, 2005 for detailed information on the proposed noise complaint system. The request remains

WOOSE also applauds the decision to "defer north runway extension and jet hangar
development." However, deferral of the expansion is only a deferral of the problem, and our
continued work and vigilance is necessary. This is underscored by statements made by Daniel Slane,
chairman of the Board of Trustees in a June 14, 2005 Dispatch article, saying he believes a new
runway will and should happen.

Dean Baeslack also called for the immediate establishment of an "Airport Environment Citizen
Advisory Group." We believe that an ongoing organizational effort such as this is absolutely
necessary to reduce problems caused by the airport and to get timely community input. We look
forward to seeing this group in action.

WOOSE believes that Dean Baeslack's presentation, while factually correct, in many instances was
incomplete and did not tell the full story. We will be reviewing his comments and will provide the
Board of Trustees and the public some clarification in the coming weeks.

Despite requests for action from both the Village of Riverlea and WOOSE, the committee took no

In the OSU press release, Dean Baeslack is quoted as saying "We have tried to be not only
responsive but transparent in our actions, because we know how concerned the community has
been." While we agree that, in some instances, the University has been very responsive and
transparent, in other instances they have not.

On Friday, June 24th, 2005 the Facilities Planning Subcommittee meeting was announced. On that day,
WOOSE contacted Dean Baeslack seeking public record information that would be presented at that
meeting. He responded quickly, but provided no documents. This was followed up by a formal public
records request on Monday, June 27th. Despite the clearly time sensitive nature of the numerous
letters, emails, and phone calls made by WOOSE to several OSU officials, WOOSE received no contact
about the issue until a 4PM phone call on July 12, 2005, 22 hours before the start of the meeting.
The purpose of this late call was to inform us that our request was not proper and could not be

WOOSE will not argue whether or not the request was proper. However, the intention of our request
was clear. It is evident by Dean Baeslack's presentation that there was new information available.
If he would have chosen to do so, he could have cooperated to be "responsive and

Several times in his presentation, Dean Baeslack called for the cooperation of the public in helping
to address the issues with the airport. As representatives of many in the public, WOOSE stands
ready and willing, as they always have, to cooperate with the University to find a solution that is
beneficial to all, yet still protects our neighborhoods. We also value the openness and cooperation
we have received from the University thus far, and hope they will continue to improve in this area.

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