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Work of WOOSE is *NOT* Done
Posted Wed Jul 20, 2005 4:06 pm EDT

The July 20, 2005 edition of Worthington News states in an article
headlined "WOOSE: This is not a victory" that I "wanted City Council
to know that the work of [my] opposition group is done."

This statement is incorrect.

WOOSE's work is *not* done. While we remain hopeful that the
University is serious about correcting current noise problems, to date
no details concerning these plans have been released.

Regardless, the proper way to approach the noise problem is to perform
an FAA approved Part 150 noise study that considers both the noise
impacts of the airport and mitigation procedures.

Finally, the University and OSU Board of Trustees Chairman Daniel
Slane have made it very clear that they want the airport to expand.
Our work is not complete until this foolish plan has been laid to rest
and we have quiet skies above our homes once more.

Dennis S. Hennen
President, WOOSE

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