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WOOSE Response to Dispatch Editorial
Posted Sun Jul 31, 2005 10:18 pm EDT

In a July 26, 2005 editorial, the Columbus Dispatch was supportive of the Ohio State University's
current plans for their airport. This editorial contained many incorrect and incomplete statements.
WOOSE has prepared an article in response to this editorial. It is now available at


We encourage everyone who disagrees with the assertions made by the Dispatch to write to them at
letters@dispatch.com . Every letter counts. Generally, the more they receive, the more they print.

This editorial may be the only thing many influencial people around the state will read concerning
the airport. Without your letters, they will not see the complete and accurate picture, and may not
be willing to help us stop this foolish expansion.

Again, the number of letters really does count. They do not have to be pretty, they do not have to
be long, but they do need to be written.

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