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Audio Recordings of Open Forum Available
Posted Sat Aug 27, 2005 6:52 pm EDT

Audio recordings of the OSU Airport Open Forum hosted by the Northwest
Civic Association are now available. For convenience the recording
has been split into four parts and is available at the following

Dean Baeslack: http://www.woose.org/docs/doc.html?id=134
Dennis Hennen: http://www.woose.org/docs/doc.html?id=137
Q&A Part 1: http://www.woose.org/docs/doc.html?id=138
Q&A Part 2: http://www.woose.org/docs/doc.html?id=141

Audio CD\'s are also available upon request. Simply email
info@woose.org with your name, address, and number of copies

Links to two related items follow.

Earlier version of Dean Baeslack\'s Slides:

Dennis Hennen\'s slides: http://www.woose.org/docs/doc.html?id=133

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