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Special Worthington City Council Meeting
Posted Thu Oct 27, 2005 9:28 am EDT

THANK YOU to all who attending this evening's special meeting of WCC.
Your attendance was noticed by Council members.

What follows is an overview of the Special Meeting of WCC.... if you wish to skip the narrative and
get to WCC's decision/ action read the text at the end.

WCC opened the public meeting at 7:30 pm with Mr. David Zoll, Worthington's Attorney for OSUA
issues, offering counsel by telephone. Mr. Zoll outlined qualities WCC should consider while
selecting representatives. Several WCC members and area residents requested Mr. Zoll's opinion on
committee representation binding the city, institutionalization of representation, reporting back to
Council, term, duties and more. Tony Pello nominated Worthington residents Mr. Scott Whitlock for
the Advisory Committee and Dr. Cheryl Chandler for the Noise Committee. Both Whitlock and Chandler
have professional training and experience to offer appropriate expertise for the committees, both
have been involved in the expansion process, both have expressed interest and willingness to serve
on these committees for the City. Mrs. Briggs had spoken with Dr. Chandler, confirmed her interest
and had a copy of her resume to share with WCC. At approximately 8:20 WCC moved into Executive
Session and continued discussions with Mr. Zoll.

At approximately 9:15 WCC returned, ended Executive Session and announced the City of Worthington
will publicly advertise the City is seeking two representatives to serve on the OSUA committees in
local papers. Interested residents will be requested to apply for consideration. WCC intends to
make/announce the selection by the end of November. WCC members indicated this application process
has been used by the City for other committees such as the Arbor committee and provides an
opportunity for all interested parties.

If you are interested in applying for these committee positions please watch the local papers and/or
phone City Hall at 436-3100.

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