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Worthington City Candidates Speak to WOOSE
Posted Fri Oct 28, 2005 2:35 pm EDT

Invitations were extended on October 17 for Worthington City Council
Candidates to attend WOOSE's October 19, 2005 meeting. Two Sharon
Township Trustees were also in attendance. The notes of candidates'
comments are presented in alphabetical order.


Worthington City Council Candidate

Because of the short notice and a conflicting event John Butterfield
was unable to attend the meeting. He sent the following statement

"I am not an expert on the airport noise and expansion issue, but I am
willing to learn and benefit from the research and other efforts of
WOOSE. I have met with leaders of the Shaker Square Civic Association
to learn about the issue and experience first hand the noise levels
created by aircraft.

"It is imperative that the university addresses the current situation
and the proposed expansion collaboratively with neighboring
communities and others who are affected. I believe the invitation to
have city representation on the Airport Advisory Board and Airport
Noise Advisory Committee is recognition by the university that any
meaningful resolution of the issues must address the needs of these
neighboring communities. While some may be suspect of the
university's motivation in seeking community representation on
these committees, I will suspend judgment. The subsequent actions of
the university and its representatives on these committees will
demonstrate whether it is truly committed to seeking a meaningful and
mutually acceptable resolution of the issues.

"The city should continue its leadership role on behalf of Worthington
residents, emphasizing the need for openness, honesty and objectivity
among all parties in seeking a collaborative resolution of these


Worthington City Council Candidate

Courtney Chapman is neutral. He is not for or against the airport
expansion. He does not have enough facts. Airports and airplanes
make noise. Mitigation should be put in place and we should search
for facts. He did not support the funding of the consultants in the
beginning of the controversy because of his financial concerns. He
wanted to make sure the money was spent wisely. He suggested he has
been about 85% satisfied with their work. He supports Worthington City
Council having representatives on the airport committees --- a person
from Worthington that understands our culture and nature of the city
and the people of our city.


Worthington City Council Candidate

Mike Duffey stated he opposes the expansion as currently proposed and
suggests carefully reviewing each candidate's clarity of the issues,
their timing (when they have expressed interest in the issue) and
their vision of a plan and the future. Mike talked about his
involvement at the formation of WOOSE when the airport issue first
became a concern for area residents. Mike believes the city should
support residents. He believes using State Representatives and
the legislature to make concerns known and strongly fighting for
bargaining leverage with the OSU Board of Trustees. Mike sees the
University as non-responsive.


Worthington City Council Candidate

Lou Goorey stated the Airport is a MAJOR ISSUE for Worthington --
current noise issues and lack of response to data the city has
collected. The city met with Dean Baeslack on August 29th to hear
about the purchased radar system as well as problems associated with
the destruction and relocation of the agricultural buildings and
Primate Center located on OSU properties. (The destruction of these
buildings is necessary for extension of the runways.) He feels the OSU
property along 161 should include parkland. Development of that
property will impact 161 traffic and the west gateway to Worthington.
He thinks the runway is on the back burner but not going away. He
supports a Part 150 and EIS.


Worthington City Council Candidate

Doug Holmes has been involved in the airport expansion issue for some
time. He recalls attending a public meeting and immediately noticing
Worthington was not included in the maps and visuals associated with
the project. Doug believes WOOSE is in a partnership with Worthington
City Council and one that he hopes will continue. He believes
Worthington should have representatives on the airport committees and
that we may need to prepare for the committees to make recommendations
we may not find acceptable.


Sharon Township Trustee Candidate

John Haueisen is a lifelong Worthington resident, a WOOSE member,
member of the Old Worthington Association, Trustee on Worthington
Historical Society and the Worthington Convention and Visitors
Bureau. Out of concern for the negative impacts which the OSU
airport's expansion is having on the historical heritage of our area,
he requested and was appointed on October 15, 2004, as a Consulting
Party to the FAA to provide written historical information concerning
the proposed OSU airport expansion.


Sharon Township Trustee Candidate

John Oberle is an attorney and lives with aircraft noise in his home
in Riverlea. He believes OSU is trying to change the mission of the
airport. The university should be working to communicate and educate
the community. He believe the airport should be legal accountable and
believe he can help the community with the airport issue because of
his background with the statehouse, the state congressional delegation
and the FAA.

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