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woose.org: News - Summary of March 11, 2004 WOOSE Meeting

Summary of March 11, 2004 WOOSE Meeting
Posted Sun Mar 14, 2004 9:37 pm EST


1) WOOSE name change: We Oppose Ohio State Airport Expansion was approved at
the Feb. meeting to better reflect expanding membership of residents living
outside Worthington

2) WOOSE web site (woose.org) has been redesigned to reflect name and
membership changes. It was scheduled to be released in mid to late March.
Our web master decided to unveil it ahead of schedule, as a work in
progress, because of newspaper articles and radio coverage the week of
3/8/04. We have noted an immediate spike in hits to the new woose.org.
Hats off to our techno guys and gals!!! You do GREAT WORK!!!!
The New woose.org has
*Our new petition -print it, pass it and return it by May 1, 2004
*Maps and info sheet are to be added to the website soon
*Audio of OSU President answering questions about the Airport
*Audio of aircraft interrupting daily life in Riverlea
*FAQ and news articles (quick way to catch-up on the issue)
*Addresses and sample letters
*And coming soon Maps, Charts and Data

3) 3/8/04 Worthington City Council Meeting. See www.woose.org to read
newspaper articles.. Note: some residents are not receiving confirmations
for e-mailed noise complaints. Worthington's web admin. indicates some
servers (like AOL) bump out the replies as spam however complaints e-mailed
to the city are received and registered

4) Petition Drive: Petitions and flight path maps were available for the
taking. Questions concerning petition should be e-mailed to info@woose.org.
Completed petitions should be sent to address listed at bottom of petition
by 5/1/04

5) Concerning Airport contribution to local economy: Found on OSU Airport
website: The Master Plan update (Chapter 1, pp 1-9 )states in 1995 ODOT
estimated the contribution to be $10.5 million annually through direct and
indirect means. While the Airport's home page includes a link "About the
airport" listing the contribution to be "roughly $65 million" no source for
this figure is offered.

6) Property Values: Overview of research: 1) Noise is a negative impact on
property values, 2) Noise has a greater negative impact on moderate to
expensive housing in suburban and rural settings than on less expensive and
also urban housing

7) Organizational chart: Our "to do" list was reviewed and we're on target!
To help go to info@woose.org and indicate your interests.
8) Media opportunities: (Please listen to these programs before you call so
you know what to expect) Phone in your Airport comments and questions to:
WOSU 810AM offers open line Weds.and Fri. 8-10 am and
610 AM offers time to share concerns Sat from 6-10 am
**If you call PLEASE contact us at info@woose.org so we can add your
audio to the website

8) Monthly Airport History Highlights: OSU Airport was founded in 1942 and
was used to train military pilots for WWII. It was named to honor Capt. Don
Scott an Army pilot and OSU All-American who was killed in service. In the
1960's a commercial aircraft, a Boeing 707 mistakenly landed at Don Scott.
During 1970's a commercial shuttle ran between OSU and Cleveland. The
neighborhoods surrounding OSU banded together to organize opposition to the
shuttle service expressing concern for noise, increased service and larger
aircraft. A petition was drafted and neighbors of the airport collect a
reported 2,000 signatures. The neighbors, with the help of local govt.,
ended the shuttle service at Don Scott. Noise, expansion and aircraft size
was a concern then as it is to us now.

9) Several new committees were formed and will report at our April meeting.

10) Safety/Security: On 3/9/04 and 3/10/04 the Columbus Dispatch reported a
local pilot who had operated a private aircraft was arrested and charged
with possession of marijuana and intent to distribute after police found the
drug in the plane in Jefferson City Mo.. The newspaper reports the pilot
did not respond to air-traffic controllers requests and was flying in an
"unusual" manner. It was determined the pilot was impaired and the aircraft
was almost out of fuel. 52 pounds of marijuana was found in a suitcase
behind the pilot seat. This incident raises additional questions and
concerns about safety and lack of security at general aviation airports.

11) The Next WOOSE meeting: 4/22/04 from 7-9 pm @ Northwest Library on Hard
Rd. Columbus7-9 pm

If you'd like to know more or volunteer please contact us at :
info@woose.org or questions@woose.org

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