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Small Steps Forward
Posted Tue May 16, 2006 7:19 pm EDT

Small steps forward

An overview of the activities of the OSU Airport Noise Committee and Advisory Bd. follows. You can
read about the committees and the minutes of the meetings at

50 DEGREE TURN (050 turn) : examines the history and rational for this turn which funnels departing
aircraft over Worthington- Report expected at June meeting

NIGHT FLIGHTS: examines 11pm-7am operations. Identified the 11pm-12 pm and 6am-7am as time periods
when aircraft operations generate significantly higher complaint rates. Report ongoing.

ANALYZE HISTORIC DATA: Comparing confirmed complaints (more than 3 complaints within a 5 minutes
window) from the Worthington Noise system to radar tracks and collected noise data from the Wyle
noise study. WOOSE noise complaints are being reviewed for patterns of hours, aircraft, and
operations. The study continues; however, it was reported the 050 turn and night operations
generated significant numbers of complaints with noise readings above 65 dB off airport boundaries.

DEVELOP NOISE COMPLAINT GUIDELINE: working to develop a form OSU Airport can use for documenting
complaints. A draft form was reviewed. Concerns were raised about the type of data collected and
the importance of providing residents the option to make report anonymously to protect identity
because of fear of retaliation and/or the invasion of personal privacy. Please note WOOSE does not
provide personal identifiers or house numbers to OSU when forwarding complaints. If OSU responds to
complaints, it does so by complaint number to WOOSE which forwards the reply to the e-mail address
provided in the original complaint.

OSU AIRPORT FLIGHT TRACKING SYSTEM http://www.rannoch.com/noise_emissions.html
OSU and the Rannoch company continue working to secure agreements to locate tracking devices on 3 of
the 5 towers. Once the tower agreements are signed, Rannoch can begin the installation of the
monitors. Actual operation of the system is at least 30 or more days away.

SAFECON http://www.safecon2006.org/ OSU hosted a national collegiate aviation competition May
8-12. Operations increased the week before and the week of the competition with operations as high
as 200 per hour. Safecon served the educational mission of the airport testing student pilots in
the air as well as on the ground. When asked, representatives from the university indicated there
was NO study of noise impacts of Safecon competition prior to the event. Concern was raised about
the increased aircraft operations, noise impacts, power-off landings, and the scheduling of this
event just weeks before the additional impact of Muirfield air traffic.

PART 150 STUDY: The FAA presented information about a Part 150 study in April. As follow up to that
meeting, OSU held a joint meeting of the Noise and Advisory groups to discuss OSU Airport doing a
Part 150 Study. (Note the city of Worthington and the Village of Riverlea passed
resolutions/motion calling for OSU to do a Part 150 study more than a year ago) . Worthington
representatives provided written recommendations outlining specifics for the study and the study
consultant to all representatives as well as the university representatives. Both committees
recommended OSU conduct a Part 150 study which would include current as well as
future noise impacts for the full build alternative (North runway, new north hangars), study of
single events, noise compatibility study and mitigation This recommendation will be taken back to
OSU administration and would require approval by the OSU Board of Trustees. Note 95% of this cost
of a Part 150 would be paid for by the FAA from a fund established for this purpose. A Part 150
would require approximately 2 years of study. Dean Baeslack indicated new noise and environment
studies would be used in a Part 150 study.

STAGE 2 JET AIRCRAFT: MedFlight has voluntarily agreed to use Port Columbus for night (10pm- 7am)
air charters that use Stage 2 aircraft. Stage 2 jets are older and noisier aircraft
that are banned or restricted from some airports.
http://www.soundinitiative.org/documents/Stage2BanPraise.doc WOOSE collected complaints from more
that 18 locations on 4/19/06 concerning a departure of a Stage 2 jet from OSU Airport at 11:07 pm.
It is worth noting OSU Airport has not responded to any of the 18 complaints nor others collected in
April involving Stage 2 aircraft. Since 2/22/06 WOOSE has documented 40 Stage 2 operations at OSU.
The majority of these flights occurs during the day and appears to involve chartered aircraft.
WOOSE questions if Medflight and OSU Airport are simply shifting noisy aircraft to another area of
town. Might the discontinued use of charters using Stage 2 jets better address aircraft noise
problems for our communities?

WOOSE COMPLAINT SYSTEM: We encourage you to continue to submit your aircraft complaints at
www.woose.org/acs allowing us to document noise impacts and collect noise complaints information.
WOOSE forwards all complaints to OSU Airport¯s External Manager, Ms. Cathy Ferrari with personal
identifiers (name, e-mail and exact house number removed. Ms.Ferrari receives complaints with a
number to which she can respond. Her responses are sent to WOOSE and WOOSE forwards reply those who
provide WOOSE with an e-mail during the complaint submission process. The WOOSE site allows
individuals to review all their submitted complaints as well as OSU replies. (Watch for this option
next time you submit a complaint)

WOOSE WISHES TO THANK Worthington City Council, their representatives Mr. Whitlock and Dr. Cheryl
Chandler for providing leadership and guidance to the Advisory Board and Noise Committee. WOOSE
wishes to recognizes our representatives Dennis Hennen (alternate Jane Weislogel) on the Advisory
Board and Kimberly Nixon-Bell (alternate Tony Pello) on the Noise
Committee for their work and dedication representing area residents.

WOOSE PETITION continues to collect signatures online. Please share the petition with your neighbors
and friends at http://woose.org/involved/join.html

NEXT WOOSE MEETINGS: 5/23/06 and 6/21/06 at 7pm at the NW Library on Hard Rd.
JUNE NOISE COMMITTEE MEETING is scheduled for 6/13/06, 7pm, 2300 W. Case Rd
JUNE ADVISORY BOARD MEETING is scheduled for 6/15/06, 7pm, 2300 W. Case Rd

Thank you for your support!

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