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woose.org: News - Worthington Reps Report on Part 150 Study

Worthington Reps Report on Part 150 Study
Posted Wed May 17, 2006 11:03 am EDT

Worthington representatives to the OSU Airport Noise and Advisory Boards Cheryl Chandler and Scott
Whitlock have recently prepared two documents.

This first document provides their recommendations to the airport committees on what a Part 150
noise study should include and how it should be performed in order to provide the most relief
possible to the surrounding communities from airport noise. (A Part 150 study is an FAA study which
looks at the causes of current and future airport noise and looks at methods to prevent or reduce
noise problems.) A copy of this document is at


Mr. Whitlock and Mrs. Chandler also presented a letter to Worthington City Council reporting on the
recent meeting of the airport committees. It can be found at


We highly recommend reading both documents, especially the second, to get a good view at what steps
are being taken by the airport to address community concerns.

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