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woose.org: News - Night-time Operations by Noisy MedFlight Aircraft Return

Night-time Operations by Noisy MedFlight Aircraft Return
Posted Thu Jun 1, 2006 11:17 pm EDT

The following message was sent to OSU Airport Advisory Board and Noise Committee Members on June
1st, 2006. It reports that noisy night-time flights by MedFlight will return for up to two weeks.
This follows the announcement two weeks ago that such flights would end. See
http://woose.org/media/view.html?id=180 . WOOSE is following up to see if there are any
alternatives to having this noisy aircraft land at the OSU airport.

# # #

Advisory Board and Noise Committee Members:

MedFlight has made a special request of OSU Airport, due to an unusual circumstance with their
fixed-wing aircraft. You might recall that MedFlight operates two King Airs (multi-engine
propeller airplanes) based here at the OSU Airport. The fixed-wing division is used for longer
flights, typically three hours or more.

One of their King Airs is down for scheduled maintenance and the other was just taken out of
service due to a lightening strike. Consequently, in order for MedFlight to provide fixed wing
service, they will have to charter an aircraft from Kalitta Air. The only aircraft suitable for
medical transport that Kalitta has available on short notice is the Lear Jet 25, which has a stage 2

Kalitta has offered to let MedFlight base the Lear Jet 25 here at OSU for two weeks, beginning
tonight, while both King Airs are out of service. MedFlights expectation is that at least one King
Air will be back in service within two weeks and they can return the Lear Jet. MedFlight wants to be
a responsible neighbor, but also needs to be responsive to its critical care patients.
Unfortunately, Port Columbus does not have room to keep the aircraft for two weeks. If MedFlight
does not bring the Lear Jet in to be based at OSU, it will have to shut down its fixed wing service
at night, in order to honor their agreement to avoid stage 2 aircraft operations from OSU Airport at

MedFlight provides an extraordinarily valuable service to central Ohio, as well as to the whole
state. They have been sensitive to our concerns about noise, as exemplified by their agreement last
month to send the Lear Jet 25 to Port Columbus during night time operations. However, this is an
unusual situation, and after evaluating the circumstance, we have agreed to support MedFlights
request to base the Lear Jet at OSU Airport for this short period. We hope you share our
appreciation and support for MedFlights service. Thanks.

Cathy Ferrari

External Relations Manager

OSU Airport


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