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woose.org: News - MedFlight to Honor Night-Time Retrictions on Noisy Aircraft After All

MedFlight to Honor Night-Time Retrictions on Noisy Aircraft After All
Posted Fri Jun 2, 2006 10:06 am EDT

Below is a message from MedFlight to Cathy Ferrari, OSU's External Relations Manager, which she then
shared with members of the OSU Airport Advisory Board and Noise Committee.

# # #

On behalf of MedFlight, we have discussed this further and have come back with the conclusion that
we want to continue to honor our original agreement with you in regards to not operating the stage 2
aircraft between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am. This is a commitment that we made to the neighborhood
in good faith and we intend to continue to follow through with this. I appreciate you raising the
offer of working with us to allow the flights to occur during the night but we really feel that the
value of our word and our agreement supercedes the operational difficulties that we need to
overcome. We will continue to strive to perform the care and response people have come to know from
MedFlight but we will not sacrifice our goodwill to the community in order to do so. Thanks again
and please pass this on to the Advisory Board with our sincere gratitude for their patience and
tolerance while we work toward meeting their needs and the needs of our patients.

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